BEEyond The Thread

Veiw some of my creations. Make sure to click the links to veiw the pictures.

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I made most of these items in a one day time stamp. So sorry for the lack of perfection. I have made two dresses and two masks to persent to you guys. I have been sewing for quite somoe time. I hope you enjoy my creations.

Fun Facts

I made all of these in a one day time stamp. I had my best friend Lizzie helped me complete one of the dresses. I do my work down-stairs in an area with sewing supplies, a table, and a several drawers. My sister Alivia modeled the dresses.

Additional Information

I have four items I am currently advertising for you. The masks which are both reversable. The pink one is modeled by Lizzie Schipper. The super-hero one is modeled by me. The two dresses are modeled by Alivia Tetzloff.